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Fat:  Upper arm fat can be treated with laser lipolysis with SculpSure or  RF with Firm or FlexSure.  SculpSure is a bit more successful at ridding the arms of fat, but the RF options (Firm or FlexSure) not only remove fat but tightens the skin.  A combination of SculpSure + Firm or FlexSure would have the greatest effect in removing fat AND tightening the skin at the same time.  Ideally, the best candidate for laser fat reduction of the body are those with a body mass index under 27-30%.

Sagging skin: Collagen induction is one of the most effective ways to address sagging skin by rebuilding the structural support deep within the skin.  After the age of 30, we not only stop producing collagen but we gradually lose 1-2% of our collagen support structure each year.  Therapies that help stimulate collagen production include RFMN, RF, MN, IPL, & LED.  

Sagging skin can also be a result of loss of muscular tone.  In addition to lift by tightening the skin with collagen induction, sagging can be improved by stimulating the underlying muscles with Microcurrent.  As with any muscular workout, if you stop the treatments and stop working out the muscles, the results will dwindle.  The more microcurrent treatment you have, the longer lasting the effect.  Even a one or two time treatment would be beneficial for a special event or vacation for that tight and toned look you desire.    


Aging hands:  How do you tell a person’s age?  Look at his/her hands.  When people invest in their physical appearance, most often attention goes to facial rejuvenation.  Don’t let your hands be your give away to your true age.  Hand rejuvenation can be accomplished with fillers and collagen induction (RFMN, RF, MN, IPL).  Fillers give a temporary fullness to thinning skin of the hands while collagen induction thickens the skin for a longer lasting, natural rejuvenation.  

Joint pains:  Chronic pain (arthralgias):  If you are suffering from acute or chronic arthritis pain, many resources have demonstrated pain relief from photobiomodulation therapy (Red light LED).  While we are not claiming to be pain management specialists, we do have medical grade LED devices available that have been proven to successfully eliminate or at least minimize chronic pain.  LED works by decreasing inflammation, increasing blood flow and promoting healing.  If you are trying to minimize pain medication, avoid surgery or if previous treatment options have failed you, it is worth it to give photobiomodulation therapy or microcurrent a try.  There are no side effects to these treatments (except a bonus of more youthful looking skin!) so you have nothing to lose!



Hair: From removing hairs one at a time via electrolysis to removing an entire underarm full of hair with the  CynoSure vectus, we’ve got you covered with painless laser hair removal options.

Excessive Sweating:  Hyperhidrosis is the term used for excessive sweating.  Neurotoxins can be used to temporarily diminish the production of sweat from your axillary (armpit) sweat glands.  The results of neurotoxins for hyperhidrosis is not permanent, requiring repeat treatment approximately every 4-16 months as results vary greatly from one person to the next.  


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