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Crepe Paper/Wrinkling


As we mature, our skin thins, developing a crepe paper consistency.  Topically Retinol based creams help restore elasticity by thickening collagen and elastin, but you may find better success using retinols with treatments that promote collagen formation in addition to thickening the collagen.  You may also consider treatments that speed up cellular turnover.  Our treatments to induce collagen formation include RFMN, RF, MN, IPL, & LED.  

    • Add on treatments:
      • Adding PRP to RFMN or MN can also stimulate even more collagen production.  
      • Adding TLi to LED can also increase its efficacy at collagen production.   
      • Adding fillers to RFMN or MN can give the tissue a temporary added fullness which helps with the crepey look. 
  • Chemical peels are a great option to increase cellular turnover.  By replacing your older, dehydrated superficial skin cells with younger, fresher, more hydrated skin cells you restore your skin’s fullness and youthful appearance.  
  • Microcurrent can also be used to stimulate muscle contraction which helps to tighten the skin from within, minimizing the crepey appearance.


Sun Damage/ Dark Spots

Sun damage Dark spots on the skin can occur as a sign of sun damage or aging.  Your spots will need an assessment before treatment to ascertain their risk for being cancerous lesions.  We have several treatment options for age spots including:

  • Intense pulse light (IPL). IPL removes sunspots by heating and destroying melanin with pulses of light energy. 
  • Chemical peels. An acid solution applied to sunspots causes the skin to eventually peel away so that new skin can grow. Chemical peels may cause a burning sensation that lasts a few minutes and can be painful. Pain medication and cold compresses can help with discomfort as you heal.
  • Microdermabrasion. During this procedure, an applicator with an abrasive tip gently removes the outermost layer of your skin. This is followed by suction to remove dead skin. Microdermabrasion causes little to no pain. You may experience some temporary redness and tightness after the procedure.
  • Microneedling or RFMN.  This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure uses small needles to prick the skin. A topical anesthetic may be applied prior to the procedure to help reduce discomfort. Microneedling is typically used to induce collagen production (making the skin firmer and smoother), help with acne scars, and decrease the appearance of sunspots. After this procedure, your skin will be slightly red and you may experience dryness and flakey skin over several days.

Non-surgical Breast Lift

Let’s face it, in order to truly lift the breasts, one would need to undergo breast augmentation surgery. If you are not quite ready to make that commitment there are some non-surgical options that may help a bit by tightening the skin and muscles above the breasts creating a temporary lift. Keep in mind that the larger the breasts, the less likely these treatments will have any true effect.

  • Skin tightening options via collagen induction and promoting increased blood flow include:
    • RFMN, RF, MN, IPL, LED, oxygen treatments
  • Skin tightening due to increased cellular turnover includes Microdermabrasion and chemical peels (unlikely to be significant enough by themselves to lift the breasts but can be an adjunct to other treatments for a little extra “umf”)
  • Muscle stimulation can be achieved with Microcurrent


From removing hairs one at a time via electrolysis to removing an entire chest full of hair with the CynoSure vectus, we’ve got you covered with painless laser hair removal options.  

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